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Movies on military subjects have a special place in the life and cosnanii virtually every one of our rights. Affects our common past of war, World War II and World War II, which seems to have affected almost every family. Movies about the heroism, self-sacrifice, love of country, in a special way and are perceived by genuine love and respect for our citizens. A special place in the category of militaryfilms occupy stories about saboteurs and spies. These are the people of the limit of courage, desperate, strong, agile warriors who although they perform similar functions, but still had their personal destiny. For example, the main task of a scout at a time when close and there was no internet drones, etc., is to gather the necessary intelligencetions (visual, documentary, physical, for example, the seizure of the language). Raids behind enemy lines, in search of the necessary information, contact with extreme risk to life of all reconnaissance, act as necessary, in fact, on the front, stuffed with enemy troops. The role of sabotage units of the Red Army, was somewhat different, namely,in carrying out reconnaissance and sabotage behind enemy lines, for inflicting significant damage to infrastructure. The most famous of the Great Patriotic War are:

  • "The Saboteur". The series of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, to carry out tasks in deep behind enemy lines in occupied territoryx;
  • "Star" - the history of reconnaissance, carried out the task with their lives;
  • "In August the 44th." The film is about the difficult work of SMERSH in the liberated from the occupation of the territory of Belarus.

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