Perfume Amethyst by Lalique

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The Frenchman Rene Lalique initially worked on jewelry, but eventually co laneeshel to create unique flavors. In 1889, Rene opened his private studio, and in 1905 opened his first shop in Paris. In 1907, Lalique has received a proposal from Fran?ois Coty, the perfume of water production, and the development of their bottles. The very first perfume released by Lalique is considered the water (1992). Amethyst fragrance, PrekThe red jewel in the perfume collections House Lalique. Known perfumer Nathalie Norson, referred the unique flavor. The composition consists of fresh forest berries - currants, blueberries, blackberries. To top fragrance notes include black currant, blueberry; to the middle notes: pepper, peony; enclosing a note - this is an unusual component of musk and vanil. The extraordinary fragrance stored in soft purple bottle, with a picture of blackberries.
This perfume has the passion, captivating love. He envelops, warms, gives the sensation of flight and romance. The woman who owns this fragrance is simply irresistible: like attracts amethyst, beckons. The aroma itself is nice, quiet, blizok to the body. Fits in any weather and time of year. Effective to set the mood - surrounding, especially men, can not fail to notice this. To all this, it is still attached to the tester. Has no any differences from the original. The only difference is that they are simply in a cardboard box, and the price a little lower. Lalique Amethyst for lyubogage of women. Everyone who has tried this perfume for several years he did not change.
The stunning and feminine trail has this flavor, and to all that is very resistant.


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