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Our life is such that we can not for a single daydispense with the furniture that surrounds us and definitely brings great comfort. The first such luxuries as wardrobe appeared in 1995 in Russia. The main advantage of this cabinet is a sliding door. Door system can include two types of doors, when the rollers are attached to the door leaf or suspended overhead track. Doorsare made of different materials: glass, glass, MDF, particle board. The doors of the cabinet may have different colors (fully colored drawing with sandblasting, tapestry). On the constructive nature of performance doors and body, all closets are divided into three types:

  1. Built-in cabinets . This shkap is embedded in the walls of the niche in existing and in fact may not have the side, top, bottom and rear walls. They act out a big role, as a large amount of wardrobe comes and takes up little space;
  2. Hull cabinets . This is actually a typical cabinet wardrobe, with all walls and Perestenko,which is equipped with compartment doors and has the ability to move from room to room;
  3. Corner Cabinets . Have different depth on the side walls and doors in a spatial arrangement. Sami doors can be both direct and curved (radiused, concave, curved, oval).

In our world, such a pleasure to order a house, you can not exit. Due to the shops that operate online. This is very useful and promising. Quite a lot of models of these cabinets are provided in the online store « furniture-online & raquo ;:. They are made of the best and most natural materials. BThis product can also be ordered under the cabinets custom design to fit your size, height, color. At the moment, these cabinets are very popular among the common people and entrepreneurs. Since they can save every piece of your living space. You can order this furniture online stores and you will not be disappointed.

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