Accounting outsourcing in Ukraine

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For a successful prosperity of any company and business development must bequality accounting services. In addition to the conditions of instability in the economic market of Ukraine, constantly changing and introduced a large number of innovations in the legislation, so bookkeeping is daily becoming more and more difficult. Given that the company can be very small, is not always beneficial to have in theirm staff accountant. Therefore, one way out - ask for help from a professional accountant.

The advantages of accounting outsourcing

Today in Ukraine there are many companies to provide accounting outsourcing. This decision is not devoid of common sense and theyEET number of advantages. Referring to such a company, you get a great professional with experience, which keeps track of all the changes in the tax code and the various legislative changes in business activity.

Ukrainian businessmen have to fill a large number of papers and TSSetov, pay a few different kinds of taxes, which naturally takes a lot of time and a distraction from the main business activity. Furthermore, bookkeeping does not affect the revenue, and all the paper, however, it is necessary to properly and   time to fill out and submit, or may be jeopardized the entire business.

The lack of   the company staff accountant, economically justified, since it is not necessary: ??

  • spent on equipment in the workplace;
  • to worry about that at the right time accountant may be ill;
  • pay for his education;
  • pay payroll taxes.

Corporation « Global Consulting »

If you seek the services of the firm, bookkeeping, for the parts, carried out by several experts that ensures reliability in the event of unforeseen as occasionstances. When choosing a company, it is necessary to clearly weigh and consider. Thus, the corporation « Global Consulting » the market has been in existence for over 15 years. Corporation was founded in Kharkov, but now the company's offices operate in 3 cities: Kiev (Solomenskaya sq., 2, of. 505), in Kharkov (Sumskaya str., 53), Ivano-Frankivsk ( Nezalezhnosti str., 44, 3 floor ).

Today « Global Consulting » is composed of four companies: audit « Global Audit » and « Ukraine Global Accounting & raquo ;, « Global Ekkauntent » and legal « Global Counsel & raquo ;. Corporation Global Consultng in 2007 became a member of the international association of independent accounting firms and konsaldongovyh AGN. The company has been noted repeatedly by international organizations for their excellent work.

The company adheres to democratic pricing policy that does not depend on the quality of services provided accounting scientiststhat:. Team consists of experienced professionals who can solve all questions on accounting and delivery of the report.

If you want your company teamwork and prosperity, the conversion to a corporation « Global Consulting » for accounting outsourcing is the best solution.

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