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Time is inexorable, and moment by moment takes into oblivion our experiencingNotices and emotions. But agree, as we would like them to stop for a moment, again relive those pleasant and exciting memories. Up to the village, probably not think of a more affordable and efficient method than the picture. Those who are holding a camera, especially different types, clearly understands and sees the difference in the images, especially in their quality. Thosem, however, not all depends on the camera, much as they say, professional photographers from the head and the camera is just a tool. That is why many beginners, tempted and fashion for SLR cameras, notice quite the opposite desired effect. The case once again in the brain, because SLR CaIOM actually a very powerful tool and variability, which must be able to manage. And this, in turn, is possible only when clearly understands the theory and mechanism of the photographic process, the purpose and effect of all the camera settings. Learn all this wisdom can certainly and most, but a more efficient way would be Seenie, where there is a competent professional teacher, who, like no other, will help sort things more quickly and correctly. In addition, almost all courses are group classes, and hence the group sharing of experiences. In such circumstances, the information is absorbed more efficiently. Here you will learn how to not just take pictures, and etc.elat it sensibly, intelligently and creatively.

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