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Doing Business - is a complex and rathercomplex activity. There are no trifles and it is important to consider everything, even the smallest moments. This is not only a way of gaining financial independence, it is also a great responsibility as to the staff and to the state. Far to every manager is able to fully cover all aspects related to businessactivities: management, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and of course - the audit. This is due not only to the lack of the necessary training (because you can not be an expert in all major industries, because even physically all this is not enough time) near the head, but the same goes for his team, with the presence of expertssponding profile and level. In such circumstances, the best way to quality and continuous audit of your business is to use the services of accounting outsourcing, ie the transfer of these functions, a third-party audit outsourcing company. In this case, the outsourcer, being profiled, specialized organization, begins aboutprofessionally act as a structural unit of the customer, flowing, so to speak, in all its processes, but, at the same time, is completely independent and autonomous in legal terms. Should not be confused with the concept of outsourcing and attraction to accounting, for example, an individual (freelance accountant) that dovolno still popular, especially among small businesses. The concept of outsourcing accounting involves a team approach that has sufficient infrastructure for quality of operation.

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