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In the life of almost every man sooner or later there comes a time when he meets another man with kotohis eye combined love and the desire to create a family - a new unit of society, as they say. Family - is not only a symbol of the high feelings of two people to each other, a symbol of loyalty to these feelings, but it is logical and natural for the circumstances by which carried out one of the basic instincts - the instinct of procreation. Of course, Zachen and give birth to a child can not staying in the marriage, as well, and about the fate of his future to worry about. But even animals have a certain social organization, allowing you to prepare a new generation to the next life, and what can be said about the man. We have a lot more social beings.

socialismtion means sticking to certain rules of morality and marriage in this sense is one of the basic concepts in almost every culture of the world, and children born out of wedlock, as well as the relationship between the two lovers, considered extremely shameful phenomenon. Moreover, marriage is a specific form of cooperation between spouses, allowing full,in the spirit of the rules of society to raise a child. Issued marriage in different cultures in different ways, but most often it occurs in the form of a variety of wedding rituals. In our culture, marriage is a symbol of a wedding ring, which is one of the spouses on the ring finger.

A bit about the wedding ring

Traditsionnoy form of an engagement ring is actually a ring - smooth, polished to a high gloss, various widths and diameters. This form is highly symbolic, as it has expressed the same start and end, and therefore, is an infinite, eternal love of two hearts. For the production of wedding rings are traditionally usedGold different samples. The choice of this precious metal is also not surprising, as it symbolizes the purity and chastity of thoughts of the future spouses.

Choosing an engagement ring

Given that the desire to marry is the critical moment in life wedding is also one ofits most important parts. In preparation for the celebration has to consider a lot of things, all went to the Summit. Great attention is paid to the selection of wedding rings. In Kiev, this can be done in one of the many jewelry stores. But if time is running out, always comes to the aid of the Internet and, in particular online « in gold & raquo ;: Here you will be able to choose for themselves a wedding ring that will satisfy not only your financial opportunities, but also purely aesthetic desire. Here you'll find:

  • The classic, time-tested wedding rings of gold;
  • West modifications rings of different widths and shapes;
  • Ring in the production using traditional and white gold, as well as combinations of precious metals;
  • The rings that are inlaid with precious stones.


Shop « in gold » - This is the area where you choose your destiny in the years to come.

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