The importance of the mattress for our sleep


Our body - is a unique structure, which PRODUCT TOis a long evolutionary process. The complexity and perfection of all the systems allows us today to claim to be the dominant species on the planet, which is constantly working and developing in order to be able to increase the comfort of his life.

Of course, any average person a lot of BPYemeni sends out to do something during the day, and this leads to spendable forces. Moreover, it is not necessarily engaged in professional work - any work around the house (cleaning, laundry, cooking, walking) or active holidays will spend our life too.

It's all natural, sinceso read the basic laws of physics. But once we use up energy, it means we must somehow recover, as the residual reserve may not be enough for the next few days. You can, for example, to eat, and thus satisfy the hunger and satiate our body necessary for its proper functioning micronutrients.

But that only solves part of the problem, since fatigue bone, muscle, and the emotional remains. To remove them, you need some kind of reboot body taking such a position, and went into a state where all the systems are relaxed . In this respect, the nature has given us unique in its effect and importance of Johnpower tool - a dream.

The importance of sleep

From the point of view of physiology, sleep - it is a condition of the body in which the levels of physical, emotional, brain activity is minimized. So overloaded all energy levels, removed tone, stress and fatigue.

The importance of the mattress

It is obvious that in order to sleep was the most effective from the point of view of the general state of the organism, it is necessary to organize a place to sleep, where the body will take the most natural position. In this case, it is mainly a question of the spine, not thelko as a part of the skeleton, and to a greater extent, as part of the nervous system in which it acts as a collecting reservoir into which all converge nerve endings of the body. It is obvious that if the spine will not dwell in a natural position, not all vertebrae are relaxed, and hence a corresponding signal to the muscles and organs of the laneezagruzke do not. In this regard, the most important attribute of a dream is the right size and quality mattress.

Types of mattresses

Mattress - a special elastic unit provided in the shell. When choosing a mattress should take into account many different paparameters, which in the end will make the correct orthopedic effect.

  • In the first place, should determine the type of spring unit and stiffness, as this parameter directly affects the maintenance of the correct body position during sleep. In this regard, there are spring mattresses (with dependent or NezThe dependence unit) or springless (with latex, silicone, gel filling).
  • Secondly, you should choose the right size mattress to fully correspond to the size of the bed. Probably the most common today - it is, but in general in this regard, there are three main groups of mattressesDiffering widths: Single (80h190, 90x190), sesquioxides (120h190), double (140h190, 160h190, 180x190, 200h190, and so. D.).


Choosing the Right Mattress, taking into account all relevant parameters, will allow you not only to experience the beauty of sleep, but also get the most polmemory of him.

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