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A man's life - is a constant, ongoing process sovershenstvovaneither I. It consists of a huge number of events occurring daily. Most of them are intended to form a basis necessary to provide maximum comfort in life. Simply put, this whole complex of problems referred to her work and is paid a huge amount of time on the adult working population planot you. However, there is another type of activity, not less natural to man, but with age lose their direct relevance. This activity - a game. For a small and not very child, the game is the same principal activity as the adult work. The game is unique in its effect and significancemechanism of cognition of the world, which generates the necessary skills to adapt to this world. Nevertheless, the game has not lost its importance for adults, but in this case it serves as an element of relaxation. So we're a little distracted from the daily routine, genetically natural and most favorite occupation.


One type of "game" pastime is gambling. This is the kind of gameplay, which in addition to the actual game involves obtaining direct material benefit. In addition, another feature of this type of gameplay is its randomness, that is, totalHICLES result is impossible to predict in advance, and it is increasingly depends not on personal skills, namely on the case, luck, Fart. According to the current legislation are gambling activity, which is in principle prohibited. But in some states where the issue resolved at the legislative level, and the scope of gamblingc derived from the shadows and organized in a separate branch with all the attendant circumstances (accounting, taxes, income, etc.). A striking example of this - Las Vegas, a huge metropolis, which has become the world capital of entertainment. There is a huge amount of entertainment - casino. It organized gambling two types:

  • first - with the collective players involved (roulette, poker and so on. d.);
  • second - with private players involved ().

Types of slot machines

Playing with a gun, in fact, suggests a game machine, a digital program, an algorithm which laid a certain percentage of the probability of winning. All slots can be divided into several basic types:

  1. Slot Machines . This kind of machines, which are also called "one-armed bandits." The block contains the slot machine spinning reels with applied figures. The prize is determined by the coincidence of figures on different drums. The drums are driven by the same side lever. All of the slot machine, in turn, are divided into mechanical and electronic (video) prototypes;
  2. Console Video machines . This category of machines, which are in the form of a computerized video console. Most often, these machines are used for virtual games in various types of poker;
  3. Online machines . The format of gambling that takes place online, on the Internet at a specially organized interface.

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