How to start learning Spanish?


There are many reasons for learning foreign languagessomeone - the knowledge needed for the job, someone picks up in such a way to own erudition, but for someone - it's just entertainment. At first, of course, only to the native language, most people have a need and a desire to learn English as an international language and the knowledge of the language needed for career development andpersonal life. But as the very beautiful and wise words of Federico Fellini: foreign language - it is a different vision of life and, according to Charles the Great - the ability to have a second soul. Not a bad idea for the acquisition of a full life in all its possible forms with a variety of multifaceted scenarios, is not it?

But if the English can be considered a technical language that will serve for the transmission of information in all countries, there are such languages, who study at the behest of the heart and the passion for the culture, and in general, to the country and people, which is his mother. Probably the most popular languages ??to expand the horizon of personal myshleof animation and is considered to be French, Italian and Spanish. Because language - a map of the world of culture, customs and mentality of the country, and how the world captures and captivates!


Spain and its mentality has always been associated with passion and emotion increased, and the entire culture isth country soaked special hot temperament. Confirmation of the cultural wealth of the country is manifested in the traditional entertainment, which confirms its character:

  • bullfights;
  • Flamingos;
  • Guitar;
  • paintings;
  • and so on. D.

Spanish carries no less than Spain itself and immediately released a bright tone, personality and dynamics, as well as the sensibility that proves Spanish songs. Spanish special and unique, it takes away from the first words in the magic of the senses and of thetryvaet of earthiness.

Learning Spanish from scratch

The Spanish language is rather complicated in grammar and pronunciation. Particular difficulties arise through confusion with other languages, such as English in pronunciation, in grammar difficulty introduces Spanish, which includes many BPEMen and endings. , Regardless of the methods and means to achieve this goal, we study on the development of the following Knowledge Base:

  • Spanish alphabet;
  • pronunciation of letters;
  • the ability to read;
  • vocabulary;
  • learning the basic phrases;

To study the basics of Spanish grammar need:

  • look into regular and irregular verbs;
  • to learn the kinds of categories;
  • the development of rules for the use of articles.

Methods of learning Spanish

Master the Spanish language can be on different methods of programs, based on their own approach to the study of language. Basic techniques of language learning from scratch, which are an effective tool for knowledge of the language:

  • tammatiko-transferable;
  • communicative;
  • dive;
  • Silence;
  • physical response;
  • audiolingvistichesky.

Ways of learning Spanish

The choice of ways of studying the Spanish language is influenced by many factors such as a preference for the study, the method of learning the language, financial situation and employment. Learn Spanish from scratch using the following methods;

  • yourself (at home via onlinecourses and additional literature and so on. d.);
  • Spanish courses;
  • personal tutor;
  • school
  • and so on. D.

Features learn Spanish.

The important aspects that will help to study Spanish as a zero, and" tighten "the level of knowledge:

  • the practice of communication on Skype with native speakers or traveling to Spain;
  • abstract management that streamline the store of knowledge of the Spanish language;
  • listening to Spanish music;
  • view movies;
  • read Spanish literature;
  • full immersion in the Spanish language.


Spanish has many benefits and privileges that obespeChiva ease of learning the language and adds extra motivation. Spanish language opens up a world of romantic and pleasant communication and combines one-fifth of the population of this planet. And finally, for additional inspiration in the success of the study, it is important to mention that the Spanish language has a hidden influence on man as the moon on the tides andebb in nature.

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