Types of school boards


write different numbers and letters, to solve simple maths equations and problems. Here are just a small fraction of what is taught in school. And what better way to show the correctness of this. Well, of course, writing on the blackboard. We all remember the high school years, and in each class, the school board was always in a prominent place. In some classrooms, it occupies almost the entire wall, others were smaller. In Bavnom school board had reddish — Brown,   then began to appear green board, which was easier to write, and as scientists say, they were better for the eyes.   And whatever the school board, but they were in each class and hung in the most conspicuous place. And they love to show off on the break on the blackboard students. They get this from a real pleasure. &Nbsp; And everybody understands that the school is unthinkable without the board.

Where else can you apply the school board?

But it turns out, the school board can be used not only in school. It would seem, well, where else can you apply it? Despite its simplicity,this board started to   successfully apply.   Wherever thought? &Nbsp; In the business! And quite successfully. As is frequently organize and conduct various trainings, classes to improve their professional level. And these here boards write different tables, charts, and all the necessary information. Of course, the school board has undergoneand a few changes.   It has become more compact, lightweight, easy to carry. But it did not change the essence, functions   and the appointment of the same, and that since the appearance of the first schools.

What are school boards

It would be wrong to assume that everything is developing, modernizing and schoolboards remain in the first stage of development. Today exist several modifications of a school board.

  1. The ordinary board , on which are written in chalk. This board can be called the most ancient starozhilkoy, she appeared with the advent ofFirst schools. It is convenient to write the different small and as easy to wipe off with a damp washcloth inscription ordinary or cloth. For younger classes on a blackboard draw a cell or oblique lines to show the correct spelling of numbers and letters. &Nbsp; These boards are still   have in schools and universities, and teachers always want stained chalk;
  2. Board for the marker . In fact, this is the same board, only replaced chalk on a marker. It is also possible to use different colored markers. Wipe such a board can have a special sponge, and after each session should be cleaned board a special spray. The board pointbut you can also raschertit, depending on need;
  3. The combined board . It's like two in one. Board consists of the parts that open. On this board, and you can write with chalk on the one part,   and markerom- to another;
  4. Swivel board . This is a mobile board, easy to carry.   It can be easily moved in the right place as well as a board on wheels.   There is no difference, what to write on this board. You can chalk or may marker;
  5. Flipcharts . This is the school board of the new generation. Blackboard Mobile on it you can write and chalk and marker. If you do not have specially equipped classrooms for training, then   flipchart easily replace conventional school board. With the help of a flipchart, you can easily convert any rented space in the class. PtsShade flipchart often used as an auxiliary board for information. Its close to a normal board and place the information you need on the sheet of paper. &Nbsp;


All these school boards can be purchased at specialty stores or on the Internet. For example, you can store Web « Osvito & raquo ;, just select the razmeryi and you will bring the school board to the specified address.

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