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to imagine modern life without electricity is unthinkable. Setsabout a variety of household appliances, lighting apartments, communications, video and sound equipment, computer – Take it all and we immediately throw a few centuries ago. Imagine such a situation for the modern man is a disaster. Electricity has become firmly established in our lives. The abundance of various electrical devices and requires the presence of differenttion electrical accessories.

In today's market there are many companies that manufacture high quality Electrical switches and sockets. They are different in color and design solutions. It would seem that such a small detail as sockets and switches, but not the right kind, not the corresponding DisaWell, your apartment can spoil a good impression on your beautiful renovation.

The company Merten is one of the leading companies in the production of switches and sockets, she won the love of consumers for excellent quality and design of their products. Merten sockets and switches surprisedare a variety of designs and colors and are able to satisfy the desire of even the most demanding consumer. The company produces several lines (lines) of their products:

  1. Line System M – in this series of frames form a square, the materials that are used glass and thermoplastic and colorto choose from: red, blue, white, and so on. d.;
  2. Line System Design in the manufacture of switches and sockets of the line designers complex ideas embodied in the use of materials of various forms;
  3. Line Marten artec . The main products in this seriesand is applied materials – is stainless steel, Duroplast and painted thermoplastic. The main colors – white, beige, steel, dark brown, light blue;
  4. Line Marten Antic . Outlets and switches the line designed for those who like simple, classic designI the interior, where a major role is played by colors, and the main feature of this line of products is the ability to form an elegant and modern interior. Articles in this series is extremely popular today, thanks to the   original   design.

The company Merten proizvodit sockets with different degrees of protection from children (with shutters), for wet rooms (with protective cover) for different countries (with a switch). The company Merten – is the embodiment of quality and sophistication that exists on the market today. Preferring the products of this company, you will never have to regret your purchase.

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