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In our daily life, in everyday life, every day we are faced with such a thingth as curtains. None of the mistress, and no home is complete without them. They are used everywhere in the kitchen, hall, hallway, bedroom, balcony. All curtains are made of elements that make up one or the other style. And Ivanov AR - employee online store « Blind wholesale & raquo ;: tells us about what kind of curtains are.

At the moment, there are many types of curtains:

  1. Roman blinds. They have a folding mechanism, like shutters, can be fringed or have figured structure. Their interior emphasizes rigor and elegance. When they raise (through the mechanism of folding) - they are similar to thepelmet, and in the normal, expanded form look like paintings. These blinds have a flat surface and does not accumulate dust. Usually they are made of natural fabrics (linen, cotton). In most cases, they are used in interior decoration with a mix of styles - vintage or retro;
  2. French curtains. This will be a solemnvennoe and unique decoration windows. They are considered classics in the industry. They look lush draperies of the semicircular folds. When the curtain dropped, it will be in the form of soft ruff and raised in the form of - lush bunches;
  3. Pelmet - it drape, located in front of curtains, which, moreover, seeed very decorative;
  4. Japanese curtains. This curtain of oriental culture, made of several balls that move around the window. When sewing they contain only natural fibers. Use techniques in one curtain combination of several textures. They look excellent;
  5. Avstriyskie curtains. Compared with others, these curtains are soft and lush. Below them are collected in pyshnotu that goes in motion a system of rings. They are very often used in the kitchen, bedroom.

All types of curtains can be mounted on request where you want, on the ceiling or on the window, as they are easy to designth.

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