A proposal to set the words


The life of man consists of several stages of gradual development of all reqsary knowledge and skills to help you fully adapt to real life. Each stage has its own base and the main tasks that lie ahead on the road to human perfection. For example, in the preschool and early school years, one of the main problems is the correct formulation of the question, for the enrichment of speechby expanding vocabulary.

In this process, a relatively important role is played by the so-called activation of vocabulary, it is a complex extension and development of skills and the right to a place to use some words. One of the best ways to strengthen the dictionary work in the classroom is a complexe and systematic repetition of words learned in different angles and forms (oral and written).

There are several effective techniques that help to strengthen the necessary vocabulary and learn to use the same words from different angles. Of these, the most used in school practice can beread up different in form and meaning of the sentence around the same words. A similar approach is used in almost every lesson (anyone who has studied at the time the English language, just remember how he had to).

In order to simplify the development of the material and the construction of sentences in educational practick may use special verbal patterns or patterns in which terms should be replaced suggestive synonymous, thus creating a new proposal. A similar method was developed not only speech, but also handling skills of grammar and spelling.

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