What is a crossword puzzle and how to create


Today, there are more than 400 species of drewatelnogo intellectual entertainment. Crossword classified as games that do not require strict rules or restrictions, one word solving words. -Word responses should be nouns in the nominative case. Crosswords like to solve both children and adults. The most popular and in-demand types of crosswords in our BPEon me are the following:

  1. Classic;
  2. Japanese;
  3. Crossword puzzle.

Create crossword itself is not so hard. You just need to come up with a set of words that need to be in the process of unleashing crosswordunravel and write to the appropriate row or column.

The next step is to formulate questions, which will be to solve the word.

The next stage – creating a crossword puzzle grid of cross stitch and columns arranged in a certain way on the page.

To link to answers questions Room Special cell. Numbering is from left to right and top to bottom. The responses do not apply different and lowercase letters. For example, in the Japanese crosswords, black cells do not have to converge in a heap, but there are valid two-cell expression. Hungarian crossword slightly differsI that it has written some of the letters of word answers. They do not intersect and do not share cells. Estonian crossword such as classic, but the grid do not contain empty cells. English - very similar to Hungarian: here every word goes in the same direction.

in our time is very good exercise and era very common practice in schools and other educational institutions, as this activity is developing not only memory (due to repetition of the material), but also thinking, creative activities. At this moment, not only are puzzles in graphical manner, but also online. Create a crossword puzzle does not require a lot of time and care - it needshave the desire, and all you get. Best of luck.

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