In some toys to play with girls


Growing human - is a gradual process, passing several stages, during which varies smoothlyis not only the world, but also the main occupation, a sense of responsibility and volume. The most striking, kind and warm period in the life of any person considered to childhood - a time of carefree and wholehearted dedication to the game. It is the most favorite game, and in fact, the main occupation of any child. Gameplay - is not only a greatway of organizing leisure of the child, but the actual process of development of intelligence and thinking, outlook, coordination, fine motor skills.

Most of us are still in the very small age lay the foundation for future achievements and determine the direction of future activities. If you look at the presents toys for our children, it becomes clear definition of gender separation of concerns: for example, boys are more interested in technology machinery, construction and designers, whereas girls spend more time caring for "children", that is, dolls, different "home" play sets, children's cosmetics and so on. n. By the way, you can toupit online store .

Of course, even the segment of toys for girls has a gradation of a certain age, but still a clear line can be traced. The result is that very young girls much interest in toys on the similarity of the different dolls and their sets, soft little animals, various kitchen utensils, small doll stroller and so on. n. Older girls are more interested in cosmetics, jewelery, playsets more "proforientiruyuschego" character (children's kitchen, appliances for the home, gaming houses and so on).

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