How to write a thesis


Thesis - is the scientific study thatbased on an integrated approach to work and comprehensive study of the topic. Nowadays higher education is an important stage in the formation of man as a future professional and as a person. As a result, a person who is trained to compete in the labor market and be able to sell their talent. So writing a thesis - to beXia final stage in obtaining a diploma. It can write to either take the help of professionals who are writing theses on request. In writing a thesis very important point is to show the student comprehensiveness study topics and correct them structuring the work.

The structure of the thesis


  • abstract;
  • cover sheet;
  • introduction;
  • content;
  • 2-3 substantive section;
  • Finally;
  • application;
  • list of references.

Now let's analyze in order.

The title page

The title page be thought of a sheet, which displays information about: the artist and head of works, subject diplomaand the year and do the work. Pechataeyut cover sheet to your computer 14 print immediately after writing the main part.


In step 1 in the writing of the thesis will be to make the correct content. It should be noted that, thanks to a structured and correct your contentresearch work is to display a comprehensive and it will cover the problems of writing and research, as well as all aspects of the chosen theme. Before you start writing the main part of the thesis students are encouraged to show the outline of the study to your supervisor, he will receive as a result of the correction and pre-ripetion for the further writing.

The main part

The most painstaking and important work during the writing of the thesis is its main part. It consists of 2-3 sections.

section 1

Part 1 - a theoreticalcal disclosure of all aspects of the topic. At this stage, the performer must learn many scientific papers and literature on the subject. 1st section should consist of 3-4 sub - dpozvolyaet is fully and comprehensively reveal the subject. In the case where certain issues are the subject of dispute, then you need a CPAVNITI opinions of scientists on the subject, and this basis to draw conclusions at the end of the relevant section, and the conclusions should summarize the main aspects of the study your own topics.

2 section

Next comes the second section. Chapter 2 of the thesis - is the practical part which displays almostie questions related to the subject you study topics. So the practical part of the thesis is based on the analysis and experience of students regarding their study topics.

Comparative, mathematical, sociological, statistical methods, and methods of observation, synthesis, deduction and induction, and others - are the main methodsanalysis and research when writing the practical part. At the end of this section, the student should draw conclusions and summarize the results obtained by them practical research and the main aspects of the practical part.

section 3

The third section - it is the final stage of the study. Accordingly, the section is 3t of 2-3 points. Key questions 3 sections: recommendations and improvement of the investigated object and the object corresponding to your topic. Based on the synthesis and analysis in this section is carried out analysis of specific ways to improve and further development of the object under study your own topics.


When the main part of the thesis is completed - it is necessary to draw conclusions that are the result of theoretical and practical research and which should contain the basic postulates study your own topics which should be covered you have received hands-on experience, practical results and novelty of the your resultTats.

In order to properly write a thesis is very important to thoroughly examine the books, monographs, scholarly articles, thoughts of scientists and specialists. For an impartial and thorough investigation of issues need to study this subject at least 50-100 sources.


InAfter writing the thesis need to create a list of literature used by you, accordingly, this list is an integral part of the diploma: used books are numbered and listed in alphabetical order. In addition to the research paper should be application: documentation graphics, tables, calculations, drawings, diagrams and other informationI ..

Structuring and gruppirova

The final stage of writing the thesis - structuring and group administration, all chapters, conclusion, applications bibliography in a single document, which displays structured research work for future protection. < / p>

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