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Each of us chooses his own way, builds his plaare for the future, choose where, in what city it live, in which high school to learn. But life is a very complicated thing, and sometimes, quite unexpectedly, makes its own adjustments, if a student comes to change professions or university, to relocate. How to implement such a reversal of fortune with minimal losses?

The first thing Mr.Ado get students – academic information, the official document, written in the prescribed form, on a form with the official seal of the registration number. The information contained in the academic help - that is, information about training students in high school, about the tests and examinations they handed over as a full course graduated, name of educational distsiplin, the total number of     hours of subjects (including practical and laboratory studies, lectures).

When transferring to another university to get a second higher education or the reduction in the same university, this information is absolutely necessary, because in her collate the number of hours studied subjectsc. If there is no difference, then you recover, and if the difference hours – in time this difference must be closed by the exam or test. For the second education on the certificate if the number of hours is not lower than those that you have to get done perezachety items.

If a student decyl continue their education in another country, the academic record is a must, because it contains all the information about the student's academic achievement and learning, so you need to make the language of the country which will students continue their studies. The translation must be competent and professional, educational institutions abroad, seeOguchi into account the estimates of some discipline, and it is never over.

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