What is a LED strip


LED Strip called flexible printed tape, which contains the SMD LEDs. It usesis in order to design, for a variety of interior. With the help of LED strip can easily make a beautiful uniform illumination for the ceiling, visually enlarge the space. Such tapes are used even in cars. By the way, you can buy LED strip on the website:.


According to the number of flowers and ribbons are single multi-color. Monochrome ribbons are blue, red, yellow, green and white. Multicolored have all the colors.

According to ingress protection are water proof IP65 (when used in areas where high humidity), open - P20 (for finishingillumination on the ceiling and interior indoors). LED strips can be attached to the self-adhesive base or a special clamp, which is designed for the use of clamps and brackets.

Tapes are different supply voltage. These 12 V and 220 V. In the power classified into strips of low, medium and high power. There tapes with different number of LEDs, as well as from different species. The most common - 3528 and 5050.

There are different types for different energy consumption, but they all have low energy consumption. Have a long life. Light is distributed evenly, which is ideal for interior ondsvetki with a wide choice of colors. Also used in advertising. Such tapes do not contain harmful substances. Do not heat up like other types of lamps. Tapes do not change color throughout the entire service line. To install LED strips used soldering or special connectors. It's easy and simple and beautiful and durable.

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