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Approxizitelno 3000 years ago, the first semblance of modern agriculture grow back - poultry. It was then in India were first domesticated chickens. As the years passed, the industry is gradually developed in many countries. &Nbsp; And with the end of the XVIII breeding chickens and other birds began in Europe, the most successful in England, France, Holland. In the next gode industry has successfully developed, through breeding, good care and feeding managed to get a lot of different quality chicken breeds.

Poultry in the modern world — an industry that wants to get   a lot of quality products and the costs should be small. That's why quality - prioritiesa. &Nbsp;

The most important thing - the right to build a room for the rearing of poultry. When designing facilities need to consider the conditions for lighting, cooling, heating, watering and feeding. You must correctly install monitoring devices for all processes that all poultry worked as a unit. Bed even small failures in the factory, can lead to irreparable - the death of the bird.

Another condition in the construction is strict compliance with all requirements for protection against the introduction of infection. Therefore, the need to build sector:

  • for incubation andbreeding hens;
  • for industrial use;
  • housekeeping.

All   poultry farm area must be fenced fence not less than 2 meters   height.
For the construction of poultry farms are most commonly usedby fast-structure of a metal frame, which is then insulated. The presence of the foundation is not required. Use in the construction of new technological materials that are strong, durable, well transmit light, resistant to weather extremes and precipitation. Construction work should be carried out with the expectation that in the future mfrodstvo can expand, reduce, dismantle.

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