What are the accessories for mobile phones


Accessories to mobile phones conditionalon can be divided into four categories:

  • protection;
  • functionally necessary;
  • empower;
  • for motorists.

Protective accessories

By the protective category includes protective covers and film. Cover – it's an accessory that helps to avoid premature wear, and also makes it possible to prevent scratches, scuffs and other consequences of exploitation. Covers are manufactured individually for each model, and universal, which have goodand compatibility are different materials and configurations. There are such cases: book, cover, bumper, case, flip. Made from natural and artificial leather, silicone, plastic, synthetic fiber. All sorts of designs, depending on fashion trends.

Another defense is finetransparent plastic film. It is glued to the glass and serves to protect the glass from scratches and scuffs. If properly glued film, it is almost negligible and does not affect the sensitivity of the sensor. Similarly, as the film and covers are universal and specific to each model. Individual film clearly follows every curve indisorder, and left open the necessary elements in the phone. Universal films have a rectangular shape and layout, which is cut to the desired size and shape.

Functional accessories

The functional accessories include a battery charger to charge the batterytorus phone. These charge are network (charged from the mains (220V), computer (USB output are charged from a PC or laptop) and car (to charge your phone through the car cigarette lighter).

Batteries for mobile phones there are internal and external. Without internal battery work mobile headsetsTwa impossible. They vary in capacity, which is calculated through the duration of the phone. External battery is a portable device that charges the battery without access to the network.

extends the capabilities of accessories

To empower mobiceiling elements phones use additional devices. Headset (headphones) allow you to listen to music talk on the phone without holding it in your hand. Wireless Bluetooth-headset ispolzuyutsya while working at the computer, driving a car. Not unimportant USB-cable. This cable allows you to connect your mobile device to your PC or laptop fortransmitting information.

Accessories for motorists

By accessories for motorists include a variety of stands, with which you can install and secure the phone in any convenient for the driver, increasing the level of safety when driving. FM-modulator allows questionlushivat music files from USB-drive with the help of FM-tuner.

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