What is an encyclopedia and what they are


Throughout its history, man has developed, each time moving to the new scientific and technological termslevel. This process is completely natural, which is part obscheevolyutsionnogo process of adaptation and adjustment to the existing conditions of life. In the case of man, the process of adaptation is somewhat different from that of all living species on the planet. If the animal is adapted by changing physiological characteristics, the foreheadAge is trying to rein in nature for their own purposes. In the few thousand years, the buyout of mankind has documented mention, accumulated a lot of information. This knowledge, which are necessary for the further development of society and civilization, as they are building a clear logical chain, which just needs to continue andgoing down from the level of modern technology. Naturally, the pace of development depends on the readiness of personnel and general education of man, which enables him to adequately assess and make improvements to existing structures, skills and knowledge.


The best FPICobom improve the intellectual level of society, in addition to the education system is the use of encyclopedias. By the way, in Russia it is possible to store the books "My Purchases". In terms of its structure and meaning in one's life, the encyclopedia is a comprehensive collection of universal knowledge or highly specialized level. It is a source of holesetov many daily questions. But do not forget that curiosity - it is one of the key features of human nature, especially in childhood. In the simplest case, the term encyclopedia can be understood the same vocabulary. In general, all the encyclopedia can be divided into two types:

  • universal , in the area of ??responsibility, which includes general knowledge about the world and man (eg, Wikipedia, The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, etc.);
  • Industry , containing knowledge relating to a particular sphere of human activity (eg, linguistic, mathematical, MEclinical as technical and other encyclopedia).

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