Glowing balls - fabulous decoration for any event


From what we have been associated differ--screw kind of celebrations (weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and so on. d.)? Of course with the unforgettable festive atmosphere that is created at this point. In order to create this atmosphere, all of the staff enough celebrants, you must still certain way to decorate the venue, because the holiday should begin before Saverolla. This applies especially to small children, who value the atmosphere, a riot of colors and shapes, and not tasty table. One such element, which is exactly associated with the holiday, with childhood, with a joyous mood, is a balloon. He finds its use in everything from children's parties to weddings and solid commercial Itemtheir activities.

Glowing balls

This component is used actively in the organization of the appropriate atmosphere and mood in the dark or in low light. In this case, you can use the technique of glowing ball that will surely add glamor, mystery and a certain romanticcal atmosphere of the event. This is quite callable service, because the role of the bead in atmospheric organization determined solely by its shape and color, which means that they can only estimate with sufficient lighting. The principle of operation of this bulb is quite simple: in fact in the middle of the ball is placed LED, supplyingenny autonomous power source (battery), after which the ball is filled with helium or air. Light like a ball can up to three days, and the flight time is six to eight hours.

One glowing ball costs about 20 USD. It is also possible to decorate it by printing different images and printing. In view of the fact thatluminous element heavy enough - the usual glowing ball flies about 6-8 hours. Ordering additional processing into a ball, you can increase this time to 2-3 days. For its size glowing ball with additional processing more conventional bulbs with LEDs, and as a result a little more expensive - 25 UAH. By the way, in Kiev glowing ShariKey can be purchased at the store "Mir balls":

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