What is DipIFR (DipIFR)


DipIFR - it is a Russian diploma Intunarodnym Accounting Standards Board, which is the English-language anagolom diploma DipIFR.

The training program was created for professional accountants and auditors who have a national qualification. Get ACCA DipIFR can each specialist who meets the qualification requirements and who have a three-hour eq 1substitutions.

The advantage DipIFR - it is a chance to get an international certificate, while not spending a couple of years for the surrender of fourteen ACCA exams covering a very wide range of economic disciplines, but restrict applicants to spend a lot of time to prepare for exams, and knowledge of Englishsecond language.

Initially DipIFR was presented exclusively - in the 1st place for accountants and EU member states that in 2005 the transition to IFRS. Thus, in view of the enormous needs of the countries of the former USSR in the skills and knowledge of reporting under IFRS, since 2003 it became possible to pass DipIFR and in Russian.

If you look at the labor market and to take the most prestigious job, employers almost always prefer professional accountants holding a diploma DipIFR.

Employment agencies, as well as business leaders are well aware that this diploma is very difficult to obtain and understand that DipIFR guarantees high professionalismits owner.

In order to get a diploma DipIFR need to pass a written 3-hour exam. ATC International is a company administrator examination on assignment DipIFR ACCA qualification.

The requirements for admission to the exam DipIFR:

  • You are a certified accountant / auditor, but you do not have enough oftortured or knowledge to work with IFRS;
  • You have the appropriate education and two years of experience in auditing and accounting, it must confirm in writing your employer, or you must provide a copy of your employment record book;
  • You have three years of experiences in the field of auditing and accounting, it must confirm in writing your employer, or you must provide a copy of your employment record book;
  • Do you put everything examinations of professional qualifications (Affiliate);
  • You have two years of experience and ACCA IFRS;
  • You have a certificate CIPA, which issued CIPAEN.
you do not register for the exam DipIFR, in that case if you do not satisfy either the 1st of the above criteria.

Exam DipIFR and its features

DipIFR in Russian youcan take the twice a year: June and December .

All exams are unique in content and presented all in a single embodiment.

Sam exam consists of 2 sections and pass it in Russian in writing within 3 hours. All tasks that are presentedin the exam, created to verify the analytical and mathematical skills of the candidate. Selected issues is in the form of case studies or scenarios.

So in the section "A" on the 1 but the task to check the skills of consolidation accounting, the best possible result - 40 points. In the section "B" included 3 assignments. The execution of each item assAnia you get a certain number of points. The maximum possible score, you are able to collect all the items after the assignment - 20 points. So the number of points for the task will score all the points you made.

In all tasks you can perform any points, all of them necessarily SAGread to the overall result of the exam. Everything is simple: the chances of passing the examination will be the higher, the more tasks you perform.

The candidate must be remembered that in the preparation of exam questions do not use innovations in regulation (at least within 6 months after the adoption of the standard).

To successfullypass an examination you need to score at least 50 points out of 100.

You might think that score 50 points is very simple, but the exam% say it is not so. On average, according to the statistics each exam passes approximately forty percent of the candidates (both in the CIS and Europe).

Preparing for DipIFR

exam DipIFR is the trainings on IFRS and lasts from two to three months.

What happens at the trainings on IFRS:

  • Absolutely all lessons include practical examples;
  • Under the supervision ofteacher solved cases (practical exercises) to secure traveled sections of the course;
  • Set the tasks for independent work;
  • It is mandatory homework checked, and analyzed the error.

In addition, for aandidatov not have to comply with ACCA preparatory phase of training. First of all - Basic Course IFRS (all relevant courses Financial Accounting-1 program SARSІRA) or as a complete program of professional certification SARSІRA.

Prepare for the exam, you can in a variety of specialized educational institutionsand training centers. Particular attention should institute AICIPA, which specializes in training financial officers on preparing for qualifying exams.

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