How to build a garage to repair cars

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Many motorists are happy Withtelyami such a wonderful object as – garage. But not all of it is used for its intended purpose. Remember that you are in the garage: pickles for the winter, an old refrigerator, a broken CRT TVs, bald tires, worn, but very necessary cans … and a bunch of other stuff, and at the center of all of this trail for your weleznogo horse.

But the men « Temple » capable of more, why not equip it at your own home studio. For professional and really comfortable studio, construction of your garage will have to start over.

The internal space of the garage

Planirovka interior space is one of the most important moments. First, determine how you'll gain access to cars: Inspection pit or hoist. Since it is a private garage, not a professional service, it is logical to assume that the majority would prefer viewing hole, cheap and cheerful, also do not need highs ceilings for the lift.

During the construction of the observation wells need to consider a few things:

  • The pit should be comfortable, just for you, depth;
  • In the walls of the pit can be placed niches that mYou can use it to store tools;
  • The floor and walls must be made of materials not hot: tile, brick, concrete …
  • The width must also be extinct within a centimeter, so be on the lookout pit could fit your car, and so that would be in the pit couldfit at least 2 people, because some jobs require an extra pair of hands.

Almost always free space in the garage and its rational use think about the use of so-called dead zones. Space taller than a man is perfect for placing underequilibrium shelves, racks and mezzanines.

Special literature

Before dismantling the car, especially with an unfamiliar for you design, it is useful to insure professional literature are commercially available for almost all makes and models.


an indispensable thing in the garage repairs is always a workbench, it must be made at a comfortable height – just above the belt, be strong enough and stable, coated with a material not afraid of aggressive solvents, oils, able to withstand heavy tools and even strokes.


It is difficult to shop without tools, the process of formation and recruitment tool kit lasts throughout life activity mechanic. If you decide to do the first time repairing cars, the first thing will feel stiff shortagehave the necessary equipment, bulk purchase which can seriously damage your pocket. Of course you can try to buy the tool chipped with friends and neighbors in the garage co-operatives, but as the practice is not a good idea, in this case, all you doom the constant disputes and squabbles between the owners dorogostoyaschego equipment.

So, plan at least - small independent repair garage that you need for this mission: open-end and ring spanners in all standard sizes, sockets complete with ratchet, ratchet and extension cords, several screwdrivers ( Phillips and flat) of different sizes preferably with magneticand tips, set bit different sizes and shapes: stars, hexagons, etc. All of these tools can be purchased separately and combine in a large chest or gently hanging on the walls, but the most rational way to purchase a special kit, which includes all of the above elements, and they will have you packed in special firalternating bag that guarantees a permanent record of inventory and perfect order.

In addition to this will come in handy: yews, electric emery machine, compressor, caliper, charger, multi-meter, impact screwdriver, hammer and reverse many others Useful things that you definitely will acquire as they are needed.

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