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Passkazhu you my story. My girlfriend won a Green Card through a company that wanted to US $ 12,000 for the execution of all documents. We have collected all the documents, photos and brought them. On the basis of these documents the company fill out a questionnaire and sent it to the United States, and more specifically in the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). Tell us when it's an invitation to interview then continue our cooperation. After all, half the battle is won. Still need to pass an interview. We waited for an invitation, but to pay that kind of money we did not have the desire. So we decided to ask the great and mighty. In short, we realized that we were bred for $ 12,000. And we wrote a letter( to the US Embassy in Kiev, and told our situation. We responded and invited for consultation to the embassy. During the consultation we calmed down and said that no, we pay $ 12,000 will not be provided if we did not sign anything. We certainly have not signed anything yet except the forms that were sent to KCC.

There was a small problem we had no Case Number, which is issued after the registration on Green Card . Then the Consular Section in Kiev, we sent to the email address lottery number. In a letter from the consulate were instructions what to do. Fill out the form DS-230 for me and my wife haves and DSP-122 for the person who won Green Card , and send them to the KCC. We waited somewhere around 1 month. I received an invitation for an interview, which came to my email, but not to the post of the company, which was registered to my wife. This fraudulent company does not know about our actions, inka to us received an invitation for an interview. After all, the company, which has registered my wife was Case Number (case number), with this number, you can track all actions KCC. Including an interview appointment date.

And so, we are preparing for the interview. Having collected all the documents that you need.

Documents needed to sobesedotion at the Embassy:

  • A medical certificate from habit;
  • A document confirming that you will not qualify for state financial support. In our case was a statement from the bank in the amount of UAH 110,000. own funds;
  • A copy of the claimriglasheniya to work in the United States;
  • The marriage certificate;
  • Diplomas, and certainly the Diploma Supplement. We did not take them but we were asked to show them;
  • Photos from the wedding, and the picture in the last 3 years of our acquaintance. This is proof of this relOcean between us;
  • Military ID;
  • Passports;
  • conviction certificate;
  • confirmation certifying that you are logged in TNT for delivery of your passport, after passing the interview.

All documents do not need to be translated into English, working at the Embassy of the Ukrainians who understand their native language.

Registration in TNT

At TNT we have registered somewhere in the 6 th time. The problem was that we did not know the type of visa. It was found hoursit DV1 and DV2. The second problem was that I had already registered the company that had my passport details and I constantly knocked error. So we had to call the TNT and tell the situation. Then the operator has entered my e-mail and the problem was solved. Do not forget to TNT after registering you will be given at the end of confirmation. It needs to be paspechatat and submit to the officer at the entrance to the consulate. Otherwise, you will not miss.

Medical examination

The interview we scheduled for mid March 2013. Before going through the interview must pass a medical examination. To complete a commission to register by phone 044 270 27 09. Calling Youcann't choose the date that suits you. We arrived in Kiev on the day before, to pay for and pass a medical examination.

Pay physical examination suggest somewhere in the morning at 9:00, so as not to stand in line at the payment and passing examinations. Medical examination passed quickly (x-rays, blood tests, eye doctor, therapist and all). At 15:00 we got the results and saidthat all is well. You can with a clear conscience to go for an interview.

Interview with the Consul

The consulate is very simple if you have on hand all the documents, then you have nothing to worry about. Going to the consulate took a number and waited for 20 minutes.Went to the window passed all the papers and we were told to wait when will cause to the Consul. The truth is we came third, and for an interview to the consul invited us almost last. The interview took place in the hall where all the rent documents just another window. We stood together and meet together. On the consul we talked for 3 minutes, we asked a simple 2-question: when we met and whether the parents at the wedding. And took fingerprints and gave us a green sheet of paper. Where data were to pay US $ 165 for Green Card in the USCIS. Then we went home to wait for our divirsifikatsionnye Veasey. Somewhere in 1 month we received a call from TNT andCasali we had documents. I went to the city, because there is no representation in Ternopil. Documents can pick one person, you only need to have a passport of the second person.

After obtaining visas need to pay the fee for emigration Green Card . You can pay with Ukraine. I paid forartochkoy Privat Bank, the main thing that the card was open function "Olathe on the Internet." It remains only to find jobs and housing in the United States, and to buy tickets. I advise you to buy tickets for the winter or spring. For the summer, the price becomes 2 times more expensive.

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