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Useful tips how to swim in the pool

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Swimming in a greatid, by which easily and contain all the body toned. Swimming helps to maintain a great figure and get rid of excess weight, treats spine, cardiovascular and nervous system, respiratory system trains. To result from activities in the basin occurred -   there are certain rules thathelp you to swim with the use.

So let's look at how to swim in the basin in order to derive maximum benefit

Muscles like variety

There are different types of navigation. Each of them operates at a particular group of muscles. For example, swimmingon the back - makes work the muscles of the back, arms and press crawl - is responsible for the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, back and shoulders, breaststroke - contributes to the development of muscles of the shoulder girdle, hips, chest and arms, butterfly - makes you stronger muscles of the back and shoulders. In order to develop all the muscles of the body is necessary to alternate all kinds of melttion in the classroom.

Patience and a little effort

The duration of training should be at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. Then your work to achieve results and you will see a promotion within 2 months. The main thing in this case patience and persistence.

Breath – the key to success

A lot of important during the voyage to learn how to breathe correctly. From this you will save themselves and leave them for more important   the case. It is necessary during training to comply with a calm and steady breathing rate. The exhalation should be longer than the inhalation of 2 times. Inhale do over the water and exhale under it. The most important thing to find the right rhythm. Experience nridet practice. When you learn how to breathe properly,   increase your stamina, and you can feel comfortable and confident in the water. By proper breathing depends healthy sleep, the result of training, exercise tolerance throughout the day and more.


Before workouts necessarily be good exercise. A small charge to prepare your body for the upcoming classes. If you do not have time to conduct a warm-up, then swim to start with a slow tempo and eventually increase the speed. And in the end, it is necessary to complete the training hitch. Slowly decreasingyte pace, then your body adapts correctly, restore the heartbeat and breathing.


The effectiveness of training depends on the rhythm of training. Should engage in medium or high pace to the pulse was not more than 60-70-% of your maximum. Only then your classes will benefit the entire oporganisms. As soon as you feel tired, slow down the pace, but in any case do not stop. In this case, the pulse should be not more than 50-60% of the maximum. When you get enough experience, your body gets used to stress and exercise will become commonplace. The heart begins to slowly decline and adapts to training, and the result buchildren can even be seen with the naked eye.

Ancillary items for navigation

In the pools there are various auxiliary items for swimming. They represent a planar plates made of unsinkable material such as foam. With the help of these plates can be good podnakachamb muscles. To benefit the muscles of the trunk can hold a board between your legs and while sailing to work only with hands. For use leg muscles need to keep a plate in front of him with both hands and feet to work. These small tweaks made to work certain muscles harder. The choice is yours: you want to pull up and podkachats muscles of the trunk or leg muscles.

Healthy snack

Prepare before training and gain enough power to help fruit and cereal products. Snack before exercise a particular product, whereas in the stomach will not gravity and forces the body will suffice. But such light productsshould eat if you do not eat food for 3-4 hours before exercise.

Things essentials

Prepare for classes is a very important and responsible process. The pool needed some necessary things. In the bag gather swimsuit, preferably indoors, so you protect yourself from the maximum resis-detecting water suitable for normal male hair melting. For convenience and protect your hair from chlorine bring a special hat to practice in the pool. Prevent eye irritation help goggles, as well you will see better track, and you will avoid a collision with people. So as not to catch the disease and not the legs poskolznutsya on the tiles, it is necessary to take a comfortable and non-slip slippers. Before and after swimming should take a shower with soap and a washcloth, which also need to bring.

This came to an end. If you follow all the rules, your employment will become more efficient and the result will not be long in coming. Take care of your sHealth is and beautiful figure. Sports – It is fashionable, sport – that's beautiful. The choice is yours!

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