What is a timer and how to make


In our time, the man is too dependentfired from the comfort and this is a direct consequence of his intensive scientific and technical progress. The whole essence of civilization is reduced to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will help to create things that simplify life. One of these things always used modern man is washing machine. Speak in this case of comfortie, it is almost the same as that does not talk about anything.

What is the timer

Every housewife, especially middle-aged, which has not yet found a mass distribution of washing machines modern sample, knows how much physical effort and time consuming wash. If the housee have a small child and a diaper luggage, then do about the rest of the work can be forgotten. But even if we take into account the existence of the first washing machines, they are also not significantly solve this problem, because as all the necessary washing mode (pre-wash, soak, rinse, spin, and so on. D.) Had kontrolirovabe manually. The beauty of modern cars that selecting one of the pre-wash programs, we completely forget about the need to control the process, because the program the machine automatically selects the appropriate time intervals for the individual washing steps. These things happen through the use of electric cars el schemeementa, referred to as the timer (timer).  

Making timer

As with any other relay, time relay makes the process of closing or opening contacts chain, but its main feature is to provide independent, preset time intervalsbetween closures (opening). Modern timers - a monoblock device with adjustable time interval inclusion. Despite the apparent complexity, this relay is quite capable to collect the house with his own hands (unless of course the hand of the place grow). By the way, how, visit the website: podvi.ru. Despite the above examplewith washing machine timer can be used successfully in various fields and everyday life. The easiest way to self-assembly of temporary relay is assembled on the basis of standard cards. From the outset, the board soldered transistors, just observing them pinout. Once this step is completed, made a slight pause,then soldered relay and shunt diode and capacitor and then with resistors.

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