The popular resorts of Egypt


The full name of the country - Arab Republic Egypt. Capital - Cairo, the population - more than 10.2 million.people, language - Arabic, currency - Egyptian pound. Egypt is located in tropical and subtropical latitudes. Almost 100% of the territory occupied by the Libyan and Arabian deserts. In the north there is Qattara Depression and Fayoum, they are below sea level. Bordering the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Egypt also belongs to the Suez Canal, which is gourselves to Libya, Israel, Sudan. A large number of holidaymakers choose exactly Egypt. Compared to   other resorts of Egypt for the price very reasonable. You can buy almost every tour operator.

The most common and popular resorts of Egypt:

  1. Sharm El Sheikh . Here a little bit more expensive than others, but the service and the service here only the highest category. He is very famous for its diving centers, sea, skydiving, quad biking, surfing. There are special playgrounds tennis, football, basketball. A large number of night restaurants, clubs, bars;
  2. Hurghada . Every year the attendance here holidaymakers is increasing. Good comfortable hotel, it is very popular for couples who have young children. The beaches of Hurghada clean sand. As for children, for them are professional animators who engaged in them until you Depyhaete;
  3. Beach Makadi Bay . Located on the shores of the Red Sea. You can enjoy diving, fishing, swimming;
  4. El Gouna Beach , which has the most gorgeous view of the edge of the Sahara.

Each hotel room EUbe a shower, hairdryer, telephone, air conditioning, TV, maid service, safety deposit boxes, grid, linen change 3 times a week. Egypt - a very interesting country, dotted with a variety of historical and cultural values. Located on the majestic pyramids of the Giza plateau. But this country is always something new to surprise, even without doubt certainly sure to visitthose this unforgettable resort.

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