How to choose a course of English?


Before you decide to take courses in English, van need opredelitsI have some purpose of his study: chat with friends, to study, relax, work and others. This way you can set a specific goal and identify the level of proficiency that you want to achieve. This task is an achievable, if at least if you're attending classes and doing homework. And if you do not want toyour efforts are wasted, then choosing courses you'll need to pay attention to such things.

Terms and learning outcomes

It is mandatory to find out what level you will have after the course, and that it was under a given level implies, namely that you can correspondstit on different topics in different situations — theoretically not know, namely to say. Moreover, you should ask for a written description of the language skills that involves your chosen level. Also very important in what time frame guaranteed training. If it is 14 days, then you simply extort money. On the other hand, ifyou are learning English language is the 2nd year, but still do not own them, then immediately drop these courses (even if the teacher is very nice and the courses are close to your home). If the system is well-built learning - students begin to speak from the very first lessons, and the study of the course of English takes 6-9 months, that is,akzhe now available that can bring results even faster.

Teachers and methods of teaching

Nowadays, it is fashionable to speak of Cambridge and Oxford editions, and not many courses very loudly say that their teachers teach using modern Western textbooks. But deystvitelnosfive such books — it is not complete tutorials, and their annotations authors mention that it is only a set of materials that teachers can use to help themselves. And to create this set of materials clear system, need highly qualified teachers and many more methodological work. Moreaddition, these materials have been developed by linguists from the West for Western students (French, German, Spanish, and others.), that is, they are absolutely not suitable Slavs with their way of thinking. Study of such a system is possible, but you need to be a genius, or uchobu take many years. To overcome the difficulties caused by your first language is bestyou will be able to courses with the methodology developed by “ our ” linguists for “ our ” students. Whatever it was qualified ask your teacher training (practice in English-speaking environment, work experience, education).


Every buyer wants to make the most constantly inygodnuyu purchase. But remember that the quality is very important, otherwise it is better not to start to learn. If you look at attractive prices at a glance - in the Ryan $ 35 per month for 12 lessons, it is enough to make a simple mathematical calculation: Suppose you except in the group has 10 people earning rates for 1 lesson will consistvlyat $ 30. Of this amount, at least need to deduct the cost of office and the salary of the teacher.

You should also consider the following points:

  1. any teacher kotorіy respects itself does not agree to work for less than $ 20 per lesson;
  2. price of renting a decent office sufficientbut high;
  3. class in the group where more than 8 people very inefficient.

And now vote themselves a   quality you can get for the money. So if Lada Mercedes and cost the same, who would have bought a Lada?

Native speakers

It has become very fashionable to learn from native speakers of English. But do not be fooled: in our country, English speakers can not teach it because they do not have proper education and they do not even have the slightest idea, how to explain someone something in their own language. They come here Knightand his wife, relax, have fun, and others. Professional American teacher earns a minimum of   $ 4,500 per month. Think about it: if he can earn us money. Also, ask yourself: would you want to teach you English accountant or a mechanic? Of course, native speakers are ideal for speech and clubscan help you to practice « hone » theoretical knowledge. Initially you need to get the basic knowledge, and only after this exercise, and the more often you do it, the better it will be for you, and it is best to do it for free.

There is a saying: knowledgeable – forearmed. So goto the choice of courses is very tchatelno and good luck!

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