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In recent years, various initive public and private sectors of the economy   began to actively promote the establishment of healthy and safe Internet environment for young audiences. The purpose of these initiatives – control of digital content on the Internet to meet the requirements of national legislation regulating any kind of electronic Massowoh information.

Measures to develop a healthy and safe Internet environment for young people should be based on five pillars:

1) The principle of excellence and user awareness on the dangers of the information environment of the Internet

Each member of the relevant initiatives and activities should take every opportunity to raise awareness of children and young users on existing and possible future risks, trapping them when using the Internet. The minimum level of limited-tional policy should only supplement the measures to nAccelerating the level of knowledge in children in relation to threats from the Internet.

2) The principle of control by the users

Limiting information received online, in order to protect children must be controlled mainly by the sender or not it posrednichesCoy side and the recipient of this information, that is, the children themselves and their parents or guardians. Minimal regulation by the public authorities, information senders and intermediaries in the process of transfer should be introduced as an additional measure.

3) The principle of initiative on the part of parents

Parents have the primary responsibility for the use of the Internet by their children, but all participants in the process of providing access to information, including local and central governments, and industry communication and information, should strongly support parental control.

4) The principle of private initiative and state support

In order to ensure effective protection of children in the online session state should welcome and support the initiatives of private participants in the information service of Internet users to provide timely and flexiblespine of their ongoing information filtering and restricting access.

5) The principle of attraction « third party » for risk assessment information

In order to preserve citizens' rights to freedom of expression, the state must refrain from interferingin information ratings and welcomed the initiative of the private sector, including for the control of digital content and its hazard assessments conducted by independent « third party & raquo ;, to secure access to this content children.

Another important issue –the complexity of the support functions of filtering with application software itself smartphones because of the difficulty coordination and collaboration with existing filtering services and restricted access to « harmful sites ».

It is also necessary to entrust the operatorov duty to explain to parents who purchased a mobile phone has or does not have it function forbidding children to watch harmful content, and how to use these functions. Operators, mobile phone manufacturers and service platforms makers must enter into their products easy to use security features young Userovatelya from exposure to harmful content, implemented with the help of special software. And for this application should be selected based on known standards.

According to the experts of the working group, the ability to protect children and young people on the Internet should be laid at the design stage of subscribertheir devices and search services.

Even at the stage of development and the creation of new devices or services into their structure introduced means of information protection of young users. It is assumed that developed aids and services to be used by children and adolescentss united in departmental or organizational structure of industry sector (kindergartens, clubs, hobby groups, and others.). In this approach, the efforts of the organizations, enterprises and entire industries to protect children and youth from exposure to harmful content for them on the Internet should lead to future tangible and de-agricultural results.

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