Laminate, its advantages and manufacturing technology

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One of the recent demandconstruction industry's innovations immediately after entering the world steel market laminate flooring ( laminate ), invented by Swedish developers in 1977, after which the product confidently settled in Europe . Today the share of laminate and pastete in the world market due to the high performance and low cost.
Modern coating suitable for flooring in a variety of areas ranging from small apartments to large office and warehouse space with high permeability and high loads.   &Nbsp;
Despite the use of manufacturers razlichnyh technologies, has four main layers with additions of individual manufacturers.

The main layers of laminate a:

The top layer of protective

Prevents exposure to sunlight, moisture, corrosive environments, mechanical damageeny.

The decorative layer

It consists of furniture foil or special paper with a picture of a tree, stone, cork, ceramic tiles.

The base layer

This layer laminated panel, which determines the strength of – fiberboard High toachestva.

The lower stabilizing layer

Materials for the middle layer of protection from moisture and deformation (with special impregnation paper or plastic).

Additional layers

They can provide sound insulation, anti-static properties.

Thanks much layer structure and provides increased strength and durability of the product.

Classes use laminate and

In the classes use laminate are divided on the term durability, placesin use, moisture resistance and temporarily store appearance.
For domestic premises is laminate three classes: 21,22,23 operation life up to 6 years ,   therefore better to choose the following classes: 31 (operation 12), 32 (15), 33 (25), 34 – laminate enhanced durability with increased service life.
Laminate flooring quickly, easily assembled and disassembled thanks to the optimal size and easy splicing, is resistant to mechanical stress,   easy to clean.

Technology of laminate and

Manufacturing technology allows an unlimited variety of pattern, texture and tone of the flooring, which gives endless possibilities for decoration of any interior.
Manufacturing – complicated process of getting a lot of ply laminated panel consisting of several stages.
Basicoic laminate is a fiber board, manufactured by milling and hot pressing of wood fibers.
According to the technology of manufacturing laminate floor can be produced using low and high pressure .

Making laminate and using low pressure

The principle of manufacture using low pressure is that the protective film and the decorative layer are pressed at the same time the basis of chipboard (DSP) and the lower layer and is the most common.
In using a high-pressure process is divided into two etapa, first under the action of high temperature protective and decorative layer is pressed into, glued to the base and mounted on the back side   protective   layer.

Technology ELESGO

A more modern version of the manufacture of laminate and – technology ELESGO (electron beam curing of the acrylate resin surface). Laminate has unique properties superior to other similar products manufacturers. Different appearance, structure, and has the highest quality characteristics: resistance to household chemicals, light, etc.Accelerating wear,   antistatic.
Taking into account all the necessary parameters, you can make the right choice in favor of laminate flooring.

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