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At the present level of development of the means and methods of communication, most objective pomex for effective communication and cooperation between people. There are only subjective reasons in the form of knowledge of the language used for communication. In world practice, the language most often used at the official level, in science, engineering, law, is English. His knowledge (or rather, the need for knowledge) at this stage of the development of societiesand is comparable with the necessary knowledge of the personal computer. Language is useful absolutely everywhere, from home use as a hobby (listening to your favorite music or read English-language literature in the original non-adapted) to full-scale professional use. Moreover, in most solid companies, knowledge of the language IS THE unless a condition of employment, the key to career advancement. As with any professional skills, knowledge of the language is important in the practice and study of the relevant conditions. Among all existing individual and elective procedures, the most effective seems those in which the natural environment is created walking language, for example, to drawof teachers from English-speaking countries or the organization of the learning process in these countries, for example, language camps. The second option is allocated exceptional efficiency, as it implies a constant presence in the English-speaking environment that promotes rapid adaptation and development of real forms of language use. In addition, it's a great inzmozhnost meet new people, to plunge into the culture and excellent leisure.

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