The choice of a massage table


Today, you can find a huge amount. XCharacteristics of the table in the first place and becomes a criterion for the selection of a massage table. But the important goal for which you buy a table.

The size of the massage table

First you need to look at the size of the massage table. Standard existing membersponding size massage tables 70 centimeters by 185 centimeters. This is the size of the suit 95% of users. Remember that the very length or width of the table and can be further increased by the elementary extra headrest and armrests. In most conventional cases, they may not be necessary. But if someone in yourth family has a very high growth, then you need to think about the table of greater length.


then identify it with the shape of the table. Folding massage table elementary angles may have rounded corners, but may have no corners (at both ends have a circular shape). Often masseurs and users often choose tables with right angles (Traditional tables). But in fact, the masseur is very convenient to move around the massage table, if he has rounded corners or a massage table without any corners.

If one of your customers (or family members if the massage table pokupaetsya home) have allergies, then do not hesitate to buy a massage table with a fine polyurethane coating. PU leather - it's completely non-allergenic material and sufficient. &Nbsp; Also, it is very resistant to low and high temperatures. Plus he has a very good color shades and pleasant to the touch.

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