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Sooner or later in the life of every couple comes a time when there is mutualdesire to have children. It seemed like such a complex here, because the process is known to all, besides pleasing? But it was not there, because the imaginary seemingly simplicity does not guarantee a positive outcome. Otherwise, how to explain the cases where the couple for several years trying to have children naturally (sometimes several times a day XPERIENCEayutsya) and nothing happens. All that is not the ability to, say, men produce sperm, but the quality of the sperm and their ability to perform its function. Not so rare and is diagnosed with infertility, so if the couple does not work for a long time to conceive a child, it is necessary to check the condition of the body. In Medical PractIke, to establish the pathological phenomena of the reproductive system, among which there are infertility, semen analysis is used or, simply,.   Analysis of sperm is one of the most important diagnostic methods and consists of three phases, depending on the characteristics of the object and the need to:

Microscopic analysis

were conducted to evaluate the characteristics of elementary cellular constituents of semen - sperm. These characteristics such as the number, motility, morphology. These figures are taken into account for the white blood cells and immature cells.

The macroscopic analysis

Egroup that includes features such as volume, color, viscosity, dilution and pH value (pH).

Biochemical analysis

Assessment of trace elements such as semen, fructose, zinc and others.
For proper evaluation of the results of seminal fluid intake should be carried out, taking into account the followingHighlights: abstinence during the week, abstinence from alcohol and steam baths.

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