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Those opportunities that we now provide dReaching modern science and technology, hardly anyone (or rather very knowledgeable small portion of the population) could have imagined twenty years ago. Now, on such a fantastic time, concepts such as PC, smartphones, tablets, Internet and other perceived only as an integral part of everyday life of almost any man in Bolits less developed country. And most people are completely unaware of what, how and why it works. Meanwhile, the work of any digital system is provided by a serious scientific work and the presence of complex software tools that provide interaction between man and machine. In other words - the software (SW). At its core, it isComplex mathematical algorithms implemented on a programming language that is used in order to fully realize the potential of all technical equipment in accordance with the objectives set by the user. Classification of software or software, it's pretty capacious process, due to the number and variety of programs for segmentsodnyashny day. Classification by brief we give Petrov AN - employee forum.

The main criteria for evaluation and classification software:

1. The purpose of performing the functions . According to this criterion, all the software can be divided into three major groups:

  • system software, which controls the operation of the system components (processor, RAM, input devices, etc.). This category may include operating systems, utilities, databases;
  • application software, which implements the specialized custom tasks (games, media, academic programsWe, CAD, etc.);
  • software tool used for the development of the previous categories of software (assembler, compiler, translator, etc.).

2. Method of distribution . According to this criterion isolated closed, open and free software.
3. View, structuresand . According to this criterion is the software component (whole program with complete function) and complex (a complex of individual programs that solve different problems).

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