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About how important place in the life of each person takes a dream knows probably everyone. Or, at least dave to guess - about a third of the day is spent on sleep. Therefore, it is obvious there is a dependence of sleep quality (and, as a consequence, the overall health of) the quality of the bed. In recent years, to replace the old spring a sofa and bed frame beds come with special anatomic mattresses, by the way "Furniture Latona", etc. will allowiobresti anatomic mattresses at affordable prices. Anatomical mattress serves as a sleeping surface, similar to a conventional bed, but with one important exception: the mattress is structurally designed so as to provide, in the first, normal position of the body and only secondarily softness and comfort of the bed. This fact is very importantin terms of meeting its primary sleep function - recovery. In addition, the outer layer has a hypoallergenic properties, which prevents the development of allergic reactions. The main active element of the mattress is an ergonomic unit different designs:

The spring block

Spring blocks in turn are of two types - dependent and independent. The first consists of a special design of the coil springs interconnected. This design is great redistributes body weight and the specific pressure on the block. The latter consist of springs, mechanically unrelated. Every single spring LAYOUTwife in a separate compartment. With this design achieved the best anatomical effect, that is, every part of the body, especially the spine in the correct position;

Springless block

As a filler used foam, coconut fiber, polyurethane foam. Have a decent stiffness, sorecommended to those who have back problems.

When choosing a mattress should consider the anthropometric characteristics (grew up weight), the presence of diseases of the spine, a person's age.

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