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In recent years, with the opening of borders, more and more potential applicants to the Permanent Council of EducationSoviet space looking for it abroad, in old Europe. Diploma of the European model which provides great opportunities and privileges than domestic. This makes it possible to qualify for better offers labor market, and to take a more high-paid positions in demand abroad in European and international corporationsatsiyah. In addition, it will give the opportunity to learn a foreign language in its natural environment of use, and this is another plus in employment. Of course, high-quality education is, objectively, in the most developed countries - England, Germany. is also one of the best. It is here that is one of the oldest inATU world - the famous Sorbonne, founded already in the twelfth century. According to statistics, France is the second country in the world in the number of foreign students, and its capital Paris - the most comfortable for the students. Government invests huge capital in training, and it does not matter is a domestic itemudent or foreigner (and there are about 10%). It is this liberal system and annually attracts many new competitors education (which by the way is a traditional French universities, in particular - to the Sorbonne). Foreign student entitled to the same privileges as the Frenchman, namely:

  • free tuition at public universities, provided knowledge of the language;
  • discount in various areas (transport, museums, etc.);
  • the opportunity to study in English;
  • employment opportunities in France and other.

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