Commercial real estate

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The accumulation of money, sooner or later, comes toa point where their number does not begin to match the quality. That is, quite simply, money devalued (especially for large amounts of capital). To prevent this process, the money should work, remain in active circulation. In other words, when you have a certain amount that will effectively make not workeds, rather than lying at home in three-liter jar - it needs to invest in a profitable business. One of the most effective ways of investing money, according to the majority of our fellow citizens, is to buy real estate. By the nature of their use of property may be residential or commercial (trade). From the viewpoint of efficiency and DOXodnosti, of course, is clearly a winner - it can sell, rent, lease (and other subjects at the same time if there is enough space), organized on the basis of its own production or warehouse. But at the same time, it is more risky move compared to the housing stock. The case is, firstly, to the high requirements which predyavlyayutsI state to such objects. Typically, commercial real estate is a capital (ie private, privatized) or non-capital (ie, the ground beneath her, actually belongs to the state). Dishonest sellers or real estate owners often try to keep silent about it, whereas it is of great importance: if the land gosudarsTwain (that is actually leased), the State may at any time terminate the contract on the use of land and property, and you can stay with the nose. Therefore, if you do decide to get a commercial real estate worth all carefully checked and only work with trusted intermediaries.

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