How to create a sales team from scratch

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The organization of your own business - it is freedom, and the burden of time. Bthis case, you do not depend on the "uncle", are free to identify and attract investment, income, policy development. But this kind of activity is also sopryazhet with great responsibility, in fact, that you have to be responsible for organizing the operation of the entire production. As long as your business is just growing and sales are low, you can own chickensth e process and combine the responsibilities of the sales department. But when the production and sales are growing, it is difficult for one person to handle such loads and ceases question - group people who are responsible for finding potential customers and actual sales. The task is quite complicated, despite the apparent simplicity, because to hire a fewmanagers, it does not mean to create a sales department. In addition, to find a really professional manager is not so easy. The ideal solution in an environment where there is no desire to spend a lot of money to create and staff training, or long to find professionals, is to create a three-level model of its own. This will avoidexcessive competition within the team, prevent staff turnover, delineation of responsibility of staff. This model provides for the establishment on the basis of sales, the three units that perform very different tasks in the interests of a common goal:

  • Department of the search for potential buyers. Makes aboutbzvon potential customer base in order to create their constant flux;
  • sales department. These clients are sent from the first link and actually sells (and first);
  • Department of loyal customers. Sales department generates client base, which in the subsequent slaveotaet department of the third level.

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