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Scientific and technical progress develops much more rapidly in recent years. He directed that the maximstially simplify and make more comfortable human life. This applies to his movement, especially in personal motor transport. But, as is usually the case, the progress in the construction of the car, little impact on the expensive and driver training. The conclusion is obvious: more cars and fewer high-quality roads, but experienced drivers proportsionalno increases accidents and injuries. Therefore even require the presence of traffic rules, because correctly and on time to provide first aid - is the key to life and health of the victim. It should be understood that the first aid kit should be your only for security reasons, and not as an excuse for the traffic police. Its composition is regulated by Ministerstvom health and, in fact, the rules of the road. As a rule, standard first aid kit (AMA) are of two types: AMA №1 (for passenger cars with up to 9 people) and AMA №2 (for passenger vehicles with a capacity of more than 9 people). The differences lie in the set of medicinal cf.COROLLARY and bundled quantities. Without going into the quantitative characteristics of each kit should contain the following groups of assets:

  • means for stopping bleeding and dressing (tourniquet, bandage, kerchief, adhesive tape, cloth coated with hemostatic);
  • antiseptics (iodine, brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide);
  • painkillers, heart drugs (butarfanol, nitroglycerin);
  • additional tools (scissors, gloves, ventilation valve, sulfatsil).

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