Infrared heaters


The problem of space heating, and therefore a comfortable stay in their concernsevery person and company, as soon as there is a cold season (autumn, winter). For space heating (both production and private housing) must be equipped with a heating system, whereby heat generated heat source (usually - the boiler) is passed through the room heaters, supporting, ieit thus comfortable temperature background. Organization of heating systems can be varied (both in terms of organizing the supply of heat, and in terms of its source), but most of them imply a final heat emitting device convective type - simply put, radiator. They heat the air in the room, gradually creating acceptabletemperature background. Completely different in ideology, directions and mechanisms of heating technique is implemented in a group of devices under a common name. The essence of the action is blocked, they are not heated and the air surrounding objects and the walls of human body by the infrared radiation. Consequently, their use eliminates the step beforeWarm-trial facilities, that is, to reduce energy consumption. Another important point is that the infrared heater has a course of action that allows you to heat only the amount or area in one room, which is required. Also, these properties cause the ease of installation and expansion of the core IndoorResearch Institute - usually industrial infrared heaters are installed under the ceiling, freeing up of pipes and radiators space below.

The classification of infrared heaters occurs in three main parameters:

  • emission wavelength (short-, medium- and long-wave);
  • type gfor generators of energy (electric, gas, liquid);
  • way of installation (mobile and stationary).

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