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A man's life is multifaceted and consists of a set of situations that differ in nature from extremely positive to extremely negativeth. The reason for this can be both objective and completely random phenomenon does not depend on the will of the people - the so-called coincidence. Balance of different situations and states directly affects the health and condition of the person, that is, provides a harmonious positive psychophysiological state, featuresStu is a healthy smile, a laugh and a great state of mind and body as a whole. On the contrary, there are situations that cause negative emotions and, therefore, poor mental state, up to depression. By the development of depression, just, and contributes to the rhythm and way of life of modern man - a constant rush, employment,lack of money, a sister monotonous work, evil bosses and other oppressed, and to equalize the balance of demand occurrence in the life of the share of humor or, as it likes to call today's youth, fun. The "term" trick, in a rather narrow views adopted understand some joke or hoax, its scope is much wider (). In general, whenstake now called everything, so perhaps it would be the concept of "funny" to designate a situation that strongly differs from the standard, as in a civil and narrowly subjective sense. This situation, which have a pronounced comic or tragicomic, causing a bright laugh (sometimes tears) and a clear understandingof funny situations. The modern Internet is full of resources that provide public access to information amusing: funny images, including demotivatory, funny videos, parodies, jokes and stuff. All To ensure that your day was not so severe and monotonous!

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