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In recent years, significantly increased public interest in a variety of extreme sports (mauntinbadk, skiing, skydiving, motorcycle racing, etc.). Extreme sports - is a great source of hormone adrenaline in the body. In addition, it is also a good excuse to maintain excellent physical shape, because   almost all kinds of extreme sports require adequate physical fitness. This is not a fad, but an objective ReACapacity (if not in terms of personal safety, then at least to carry out some technical points). One of the most interesting types of extreme sports (both in terms of sports and active pastime) is riding a quad bike. It's sort of a motorcycle ATV, the main feature of which is the presence of four wheels vmesto two. Riding an ATV combines elements of driving off-road (four-wheel drive, sverhprohodimost) and motorcycle (open seat, steering wheel bicycle type). These points, as well as all-season use and traumatic require special. Its choice is wide enough, but the minimum set, that preservesis, first of all, your life is as follows:

  • Hat . This is to protect the head from bumps and whims of nature;
  • Boots . Have a special design that protects the ankle and foot, and comfort in all weather conditions, freedom of movement;
  • Protection of knees and elbows . Required lining that will keep the most vulnerable joints;
  • protect the chest and back (spine) . Protect against fractures in falls on one of these parts of the body;
  • points . The useform a eye protection against water, dirt, twigs;
  • Gloves . To protect your hands.

Remember active sport - it is a risk, so it is better to be safe and protect yourself from the hassle.

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