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The Corporation Houghton - is one of the world's most advanced prodrivers and providers of specialized metal working fluids and equipment, providing the control and flow of these fluids. Company operating in this market for over a hundred years, has enormous experience and scientific and technical base, which allows it to retain its leading position in the field of metalworking and mechanical engineering. QualityETS provides a constant demand, especially as the metal products are the backbone of many industries (mechanical engineering, automotive, construction etc.). Any metal product, whether it be blank or the finished product, obtained by processing on turning, milling, stamping and other complexes that Wettedasaemo with local overheating of the material, tool wear. To prevent these phenomena and the special liquid Houghton. A special place in the company's product line covers a group of liquid solvents that are used to protect and clean the metal surface and, as part of the working emulsion Metalcuttinging machines. In addition, they purifier series Callina have application as a flushing agent at the final stage of the work. The main purpose of their use - cleaning the surface of the nitrite-containing compounds, corrosion protection.

Callina line includes the following liquid:

  • Callina 2201, Callina 2306 (used for cold cleaning of pieces and parts for machine tools, stamping complex);
  • Callina 2402 (used to clean the surface of the oil-based contaminants);
  • Callina Fluid HU 601 (cleaner used for ferrous metals and alloys);
  • Callina Fluid CU 801 N (cleaner universal type of oil, emulsions, fats, and other antikorrozionki).
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