Serial murderers

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serial murderer, maniac, serial killer

This topic can discompose  a normal person. Presented here crimes are truly awful, they arouse in us rage and disgust. After reading, you want to forget them.
serial murderer, maniac, serial killer
It is difficult to classify all these deviant individuals. Each of the described here maniacs is typical in his own way, so it's not easy to put them in a particular sequence. Classification is relative.

Henry Lee Lucas

Serial killer, Serial killer, Henry Lee LucasHe is not a very nice person. A serial murderer, rapist, necrophile, homosexual. For 23 years of his "activity" had killed and raped more than 10 people. The exact number of victims killed by this maniac is unknown. Been proved only 11 murders, although on the interrogation, he confessed to committing of more than 300 such crimes.

Richard Ramirez

Serial killer, Serial killer, Richard Ramirez14 brutal murders per 1 year. Ramirez activity falls on the period from 1984 to 1985. A maniac was known, as "the robber of the Alleys", despite the fact that he committed his terrible crime for the sake of having fun, not for some kind of self-serving purposes. He never robbed, just broke into people's houses and kill everyone who was inside.

Gennady Mihasevich

Serial killer, Serial killer, Gennady MihasevichBorn and grew up in Belarus. The first murder "Vitebsk Strangler" made May 14, 1971. He never attacked his victims and did not pursue them, however - lured them into a car and killed there. Characteristically, pervert stifled his victim at the moment of orgasm. Mihasevich commit crimes with impunity for 10 years, as a result - 36 murdered women.

Theodore Bundy

Serial killer, Serial killer, Theodore BundyLegendary American serial murder who was known, as "nylon maniac." During the period from 1974 to 1978 made ​​about 30 brutal murders. In 1989 he was executed in the electric chair at Florida State Prison. At the time of execution this monster was 42 years old. The exact number of his crimes remains a mystery, it fluctuates between the number 35 and 100.

John Wayne Gacy

Serial killer, Serial killer, John Wayne GacyRespected man from a good family, had a very enviable position in society. During the pretrial investigation nor one of the John's familiar did not respond negatively about him. In contrast, all described him as a kind, respectable and responsible person. John Gacy in 1978 shocked the world by mass grave discovered in his yard. In the garden of maniac experts dug out 33 corpses.

Alexander Spesivtsev

Serial killer, Serial killer, Alexander Spesivtsev"Siberian Ripper". Maniac, psycho, cannibal and real crud, who eats the small children. This "man" is still alive, and stay in forced treatment in a psychiatric hospital in Volgograd region. In just one year Spesivtsev murdered and ate 20 people. His mother helped him to lure victims, to dismember the bodies and get rid of the evidences.

Sergei Golovkin

Serial killer, Serial killer, Sergei GolovkinRussian serial killer, nicknamed "Boa". He is known for his cruelty to the victims. Murdered little boys and teenagers. He literally tormented them to death, in his garage. It is incomprehensible, but the experts found the dismembered corpses of (gray-haired!) children. There are 11 proven crimes on his dirty account.

Anatoly Slivko

Serial killer, Serial killer, Anatoly SlivkoIn this maniac joined two different men: a qualified teacher, a favorite of children, the idol of youth, honored school teacher of the USSR and a brutal murderer, sadistic, maniac-pedophile. All the matter is, that the sexual excitement he could experience only from three things: the highly polished shoes, child abuse, and form of pioneer stained in blood. Anatoly Slivko from 1986 to 1992, tortured seven children.

Alexander Pichushkin

Serial killer, Serial killer, Alexander Pichushkin Murderer with a chessboard. This was the name of the Russian maniac, on whose account - 50 murders and three attempts. In 2006, the court sentenced Pichushkin to life imprisonment, now a murderer serving his punishment in prison of special regime, which is called "Snowy owl". According to the words of maniac, hatred of people was a motive of all his crimes.

Andrei Chikatilo

Serial killer, Serial killer, Andrei ChikatiloThis serial killer is called a true legend of criminology. There were written a lot of books and filmed no less movies about him. During the period from 1978 to 1990, Chikatilo murdered at least 53 people, his victims were women and children. Internationally famous maniac was sentenced to death by shooting. Sentence was carried out February 14, 1994.

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    axoks - 16.11.2012, 12:29
    They are realy disgusting.
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    Dinueckounk - 16.11.2012, 18:08
    Real criminal legends.
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    OutlitaDiottE - 16.11.2012, 19:20
    Real freaks!
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    nomiAnnoncogy - 16.11.2012, 19:45
    They are just thick.
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    hyhork - 16.11.2012, 20:05
    Andrei Chikatilo real monster
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    EmurpopAffork - 16.11.2012, 20:23
    We must isolate such persons
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    avaivygoamn - 16.11.2012, 20:31
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    Errorpkniff - 16.11.2012, 22:09
    Richard Ramirez looks like a child but...
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    Zecygoreoky - 16.11.2012, 22:47
    Prisons and madhouses are their places. They all must be arrested. But who knows them? They from the firs sight look common men.
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    nakheensoma - 16.11.2012, 22:51
    People you all are right - there is no place for them among us. They are very dengerous and unpredictable.
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    Pislispulse - 16.11.2012, 22:56
    Horror. But the most dengerous are Freddy and Jason - because they live in our minds!
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    Weittequept - 17.11.2012, 00:38
    What are you talking about? WTF Fready and Jason are just are the result of someone's sick imagination and not murderers. Wake up. Chikatilo is real legend. A lot of murderers imitated him. He was real madman.
  • avatar
    CiliDaceata - 17.11.2012, 00:39
    Oh man if we will count Freddy and Jason then all these murderers will be amators.
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    TifyEffow - 17.11.2012, 02:39
    F... them all!!
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    Fleseethy - 17.11.2012, 02:43
    Realy they must be closed in the jail!
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    gesePrert - 17.11.2012, 02:47
    Henry Lee Lucas is real murderer. Look into his eyes they are ful of envy.
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    emelelluchbox - 17.11.2012, 02:55
    And i think the most mad one is Sergei Golovkin.
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    Carnibias - 17.11.2012, 03:42
    I want to forget them! Monsters.
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    toucheheate - 17.11.2012, 04:43
    And i think John Wayne Gacy is the most cruel and terrible.
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    Ontoneerede - 17.11.2012, 05:58
    They all are terrible and nobody wants to meet them.
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    ItalayNeity - 17.11.2012, 06:06
    Madmen freaks
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    Beenpypefup - 17.11.2012, 06:13
    These maniac are just the same people as we are. The question who push them to such actions. I think those ones are real murderers.
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    Exandkamn - 17.11.2012, 11:50
    OMg how terrible they are. I think there is no mercy for them.
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    Teff - 17.11.2012, 12:47
    They in most cases killed women and children. I think they had a great problems in their families.