What is the shape of COP-2


Today the building is one of the fastest timesdeveloping sectors of the economy of our country. This activity is due to a high demand for these products. In this case, the construction is quite costly, both in terms of human resource and financial action plan. As in any other industry, the price of the final structures depends primarily on the costs of its construction - itie, the cost of construction works. In construction, calculation and execution of the projected and actual spending is in the form of a single document - the construction budget. Among the main items of expenditure estimates include: salaries, materials. work, taxes, etc.). As a result, budgeting becomes possible to determine the projected level of spendingc. Making estimates are subject to strict fixed documentary form. One of these forms is. This form is not nothing but a documented report of completion. This is the main way to approval and evaluation of contractor work and the basic document for solving disputes. In this form, all specified types performedworks and their cost. Based on the data forms KS-2 formed a background paper on the cost of work performed (Form CS-3). Akt (CS-2) consists of two parts:

  • Title Page . This page includes all the necessary details of the parties of the construction process participants (includingI addresses and contact numbers), the object itself, the details of the contract and estimated cost of settlement;
  • A table of the . It consists of eight columns in which the order shall contain the name of work, their pricing, quantity and total price.

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