What are the telescopes


Since ancient times, when knowledge about the universe were still at the level of the flat plates, gazing out to humanitystarry sky, hoping to find answers to universal questions. It is in those ancient times and laid the foundations of a science as astronomy. Unfortunately the whole sympathetic audience, all the celestial bodies (stars, galaxies, nebulae, comets) are too far away for visual object reference, not to mention thestudying them for scientific purposes. In order to be able to monitor the situation in the heavenly zoom range were invented device - telescopes. Many ask, and how to choose? You can buy them almost anywhere, but it is better, of course, to buy in specialized stores, where experts can help you in yourchoice. This optical instruments, based on the principle of action, which is the collection of electromagnetic rays from objects. In this regard, there is the first of the principles of classification of telescopes on the working wavelength range:

  • optical telescope , which uses beams of the optical range,simply put visible light;
  • radio telescope , is used to receive radio band radiation;
  • X-ray telescope , respectively, using the X-ray radiation range facilities;
  • gamma Telescon , which continuously recorded radioactive radiation.

Depending on the type of telescope and the expected range of research, there are several types of telescopes. At home, use the most simple, tubular version with removable magnifying nozzles. In the context of deepeningtary analysis of the Universe used the huge wave antenna telescopes (due to the visual similarity with satellite).

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