Levels of education: High School


In today's dynamically developing world, education plays a very important rolls - the organization of training to replace the generation to proforientirovannoy adult life, up to date, as they say. Education involves the gradual accumulation of knowledge, skills, formation of mental and physical capabilities, character. The object of education is seen preparing a separate unit of society (no way is undoubtedly ThLovek) that best meets the trends and requirements of the modern world. Education has a strict phasing, which is due to age physiological mechanism of assimilation of information. According to this principle, education is divided, usually into three stages: primary, secondary (general) and higher. Each stage has its very importantvalue:

  • elementary school is targeted at developing basic skills needed in the later stages (reading, writing, counting, etc.);
  • High School generates a certain amount of basic knowledge and skills that are somehow usedfurther training or employment;
  • High School forms a specialized person in the labor market.

It is difficult to distinguish this background any one stage, but still a high school seems most necessary of them. No wonder that it is the overall averageeducation law was approved, as required in most countries. Secondary education is carried out in secondary schools - secondary schools (for example, the former Soviet Union), the period of study in which last from ten to twelve years (depending on the approved system of education, for example, children learn by 11-year-oldth program). The result of secondary education is to obtain the so-called Abitur.

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