What is the factory calendar

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Where is the efficiency of any productiontion team? This question is raised by many leaders who are trying to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective operation of the enterprise. Efficiency of any person or group as a whole assumes the maximum possible working out at the lowest possible elapsed time. Such ratio mayfirst of all, with proper planning time (not only working, but also leisure). This allows you to make full use of the existing time, comply with all terms and avoid overloading staff. To implement this scenario the personnel department shall be the so-called factory calendar. By the way, Online: mibius.com.ua, you will find. It is the basis of the annual plan of activities of all departments of the company. On this basis the annual plan, as well as quarterly and monthly work schedules. Based on the data calendar is determined by the total minimum and an accounting (monthly) the number of working days. In turn, these data are used for accountingI calculation and payroll. In a manufacturing calendar directly specified weekday, weekend, holidays and (reduced) days. Demand calendar takes place on the basis of the usual annual calendar with the calendar, government, religious holidays, as well as orders and amendments governmentsa. At the same time, in terms of human resources and in accordance with the legislation takes into account 8-hour working day and, accordingly, a 40-hour working week.

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